5 Ways To Defunk: How I Get Out Of Bad Moods

When was the last time you were in a funk (bad mood)? Last week? 5 days ago? Or probably as you’re reading this now? Are you looking for ways to bounce back from these bad moods?

I recently got into one last week which surprised me, surprisingly. This made me realize that even when you try to stay calm in all things, life’s unpredictability can catch you off guard. And that’s ok as long as it you don’t overstay your welcome in funk town. Because what will happen is that you’ll and get funked up and that affects the energy you’re giving back into the world. You might be asking, so how do i get back to my usual self? Well, I’ve been experimenting with a few life hacks I’d like to share if you’re interested. Here are 3 ways I defunk and carry on living the best life I can regardless of setbacks.

1. Talk that talk – When you start feeling down, accept and acknowledge it. Even crazier, thank God it’s happening! Next, have someone you trust to offload to (don’t worry if it comes with some tears, crying is therapeutic). It might be a close friend/s, family or even a stranger. It’s not always easy to talk about my feelings to the people closest to me because life can get complicated you know. Personally, I love having “deep” conversations with strangers or people I meet out and about. (My favorite are uber drivers ). A ride and free therapy? Any day honey!Try it out sometime and let me know how it goes!

2. You time – Another way I bounce back from a bad mood is taking time out for myself. Watching a favorite tv show (Rick and Morty or Archer are my go to currently), kick your feet back and drink a glass of wine or juice, escape into a favorite book or video game, bake, spa treatment (on how to give yourself one read my post on Home spa) or simply just take a nap. Take actions to raise your spirits even if it brightens you up , say, as little as 10%.

3. Walk it out – And finally, walking or any physical activity let’s off excessive energy that accumulates in the body. When was the last time you took a walk through your neighborhood? Plug in your earpiece or headphones, put on your favorite playlist and get going!

Photography by Sefa Nkansah

Stylist & MUA Debbie Beeko

When next you’ve been kicked down, try any or all of these life hacks and let me know how they work out for you. If you’ve already created a routine that works for you, kindly share! Trusting the process makes it a bit easier for us to better deal with the things we cannot change.