3 simple steps to start your month in high spirits: Monthly Routines

Hey Sunny!




It’s another beautiful month and I am grateful for life, family and the endless opportunities that every waking hour, day or week holds.

We’re already through with the 1st quarter of 2019 already! It’s crazy how fast time is moving and if you don’t take care you’ll get lost in the whirlwind waking up at 75 years wondering where all the years went.


I know…I know….That sounds sad but it’s real life and the sooner we start seizing the day, the better.

What does that mean?

It means we have to be intentional ( I know you’re rolling your eyes at how often I use this word but it’s the truth! And the truth shall set you free…amen!) with how we spend the time we have. As much as it is important to plan your year or day meticulously, it is equally vital to plan your month and that is why, ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today.

Can you tell I’m in the motivational speaker type of mood?


Anyway back to the matter… there you have it

3 simple steps to starting your month in high spirits

1. Isolate yourself – Find yourself a nice hideout where you can be by yourself, enjoy some peace and quiet. Even better is if you’re surrounded by nature, pack some fruits and have yourself a nice picnic!

p.s My go to place is the Legon Botanical Garden where I find a nice spot (after I make sure there’s shade and no ants), lay my yoga mat and proceed to relax.

2. Meditate – Yoga and meditation is always a good way to physically, mentally and psychologically be present. However, I understand yoga is not everyone’s cup of tea (strange humans, I’m not judging. Ok maybe I am a likkle bit) , so you can just enjoy the scenery (remember no phones 📵) around you. Or if you have headphones, play some nice soothing music while you enjoy the scenery.

3. Plan – Oh you thought you were just going to relax all day, do no work and poof… success!


I’m sure if you can read this, you’ve been here long enough to know the world isn’t set up like that. You need to invest time and effort into your success!

So.. whip out your notebook/planner, pen and let’s get to work!

a. Set a theme for the month

b. List all your goals for the month. And for each, what you will need achieve them, who can help you and their respective deadlines

c. Write these goals down in order of priority

d. Finally! Put them somewhere you can see and revisit often, making them a part of your daily to-dos.

Enjoy the best that April has to offer and don’t forget that you’re the architect of your own life.


Sundiata 🌞