Somewhere in Accra – EP 02

I was told Zambang is a Dagbani Royal name, so expect to be treated like royalty through and through. The restaurant is along the boundary road sharing a space with a mart bearing the same name (not too far away from Vida E cafe).

This cozy and eccentric local food eatery has fast become my go to lunch venue whenever I’m in or around east Legon. Like the straw hats you’ll find on the one side of the wall, I’m hooked to their Jollof and grilled turkey. It’s that good! If you’re a local food lover (like I am) , then you’re going to have a hard time deciding what to eat. Their menu goes beyond the rice dishes (jollof, fried and plain) to banku,fufu, tuo etc.

Have you been looking for the best “homemade” brukina? They got you! The best thing about theirs is the bits of coconut which makes just a bottle a healthy, balanced snack (very filling as well). To top off this awesomeness, they make and sell a northern drink called Poha I only use to see and drink at my aunt’s house. Spicy, tasty and healthy, what’s not to love about this indigenous drink.


Food GHC 18 – 25

Brukina and Poha GHC 2-3

Drinks GHC 3-10

Location : (5.6346340,-0.1462430)

Contact : ‭024 498 6212‬

Sun discoveries gives Zambang ☀️☀️☀️☀️

Photographer : Nana Kwame Birikorang Adjei (@bank_foto)