Northern & Upper East Region, Ghana

A 3 day itinerary

Are you looking for a Safari experience in Ghana? You’re at the right place!

Northern Ghana is full of amazing tourist attractions that are just waiting for you to explore. Even though the heat can get unbearable sometimes, the air is dry which doesn’t make you sweat. Don’t let that stop you from seeing the beautiful cultures and wild life that awaits you. I’ve specifically tailored a 3 day itinerary just for you, no excuses now! What are you waiting for?

Day One: Tamale, Northern Region


I’ve found that markets have a way of showing a certain aspect of culture you’ll never find anywhere else. Tamale Central Market should definitely be on your to-do list when in Tamale, especially if you’re looking to score some good Shea butter. Make sure you eat breakfast and carry a bottle of water with you, we don’t want you fainting in the heat.

National Culture Center

Ride a yellow yellow or Tuktuk to one of the local restaurants and try Tuo zafi and dried okro soup with salmon for lunch. Next, visit the National Culture Center. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the traditional dancers practicing their routine. Finally, the Chief’s Palace which is a beautiful structure having the traditional architecture design built with modern materials.

Day 2 : Bolga, Upper East Bolgatanga

Basket Market & Art Village

There are buses available at the Tamale market to Bolgatanga. The drive is 2 HRs but depending on how frequent your bus stops, it might be more or less. On the way, you’ll see the Tongo mountains which also serves as a shrine which you should definitely check it out if you are using a private car. When you arrive at Bolgatanga, your first visit should be to the basket market where you’ll find variety of designs and also witness how they’re made. The Bolga Art Village is home to different ranges of traditional arts and crafts known to the area.

Paga Crocodile Pond

Now it’s time to see the crocodiles!Paga Crocodile Pond is a 45 mins drive from Bolga. Be aware of the time you leave Bolga for Paga because you’d want to get back to Bolga then Tamale before it gets too dark.

Day 3: Damongo, Northern Region

Larabanga Mosque & Mole National Park

Damongo is home to the Mole National Park and the ancient mosque of Larabanga. The township itself is about 2 HRs 30mins from Tamale. The town Larabanga, where the mosque is located, is on the way to the Park. A tour guide will take you round while giving you a brief history of the oldest mosque in Ghana. The Mole National Park which is home to wild life was built around a settlement. It’s common to see some animals like the bush pigs and baboons around the town even the elephants come and visit sometimes.

Eye opener: Littering is (becoming) a big problem in Ghana. Throughout my trip, I kept seeing a lot of plastic waste as a result of travelers throwing them (plastic waste)out the moving cars. It then occurred to me that in a few years, we will not have these beauties of nature to admire if we ignore littering. In your own way practice keeping Ghana clean, if not for you, for the next generation.