My current skincare routine : Natural & Budget-friendly

Let me know by hands ( emoji hands in the comment box would do) those who want radiant and glowing skin all year round?

Of course we all do darling!

It seems this Ghanaian heat, my hormones and my night scarf (which keeps falling off when I sleep) are fighting against this dream of mine. But I’ll gladly accept the 80-85% i feel good about my skin.

I’ve been getting a number of questions on and off Instagram about my skincare routine which I’m more than happy to share with you in this post. The goal is to glow together!

Before we get into it, I’d like to state 3 important things that need to accompany your regimen to obtain your maximum skin goals;

1. Drink water and mind your business

2. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies

3. Exercise, exercise, exercise

Bonus point : Stop touching or picking your pimples! (This is where I struggle y’all 😩, pray for me)

That’s right, you have to go through these 4 brothers first before you eventually approach the girl. I know I know…. this analogy sucks but you get the point.

My current skincare routine can be described as experimental and natural. Although I don’t mind the other options for skincare, I prefer putting on my skin whatever can go into my body. Usually, I find recipes on Pinterest, group them under a board (Pinterest handle is sun_diataa) which I use to create my routine depending on the condition of my skin at the time (e.g acne, dark spots etc).

So, this is what my daily and weekly regimen looks like and if you read to the end, you’ll find a surprise (before you get any ideas it’s nothing fancy please lol). Just a little something to (literally) brighten your week.


  1. Sugar,Baobab and Peppermint Scrub (face)- Skin Gourmet
  2. Local Black Soup – Bought from a convenience shop at Ashongman Estates
  3. Coconut oil or Baobab Shea Butter- Skin Gourmet
  4. Mint and Honey Lip Balm- Skin Gourmet


  1. Clay Mask- Skin Gourmet
  2. Sugar,Baobab and Peppermint Scrub (full body)- Skin Gourmet
  3. Mixture of Coconut oil/ Baobab Oil/ Hemp Seed Oil (for massage)

Simple DIY Recipes you should try

  1. Lemon juice and Honey Mask – Areas used: Face (avoid eye area), Neck, Back, Armpit, Knees and Elbows.
  2. Oatmeal, Honey and Coconut Oil Mask- Areas used: Face and Neck
  3. Avocado, Honey and Coconut Oil Mask (Blend all ingredients into a paste)- Areas used:Hair and Face


So now it’s time for us to play a skincare game, are you ready? Let me know in the comment box below which of the 3 diy recipes you will be trying this week.