Do It Yourself Spa

If you are looking for ways to treat yourself to some spa effect without breaking the bank,then you’ve come to the right place.

Pampering myself is something I enjoy, who doesn’t! Massages, mani/pedis and facials are relaxing and refreshing as often as being 20something requires. Needless to say that’ll be a lot of money which you could save up for that trip you’ve always been thinking of going on. I developed a routine which is cash friendly and works. I think you’ll love it too!

1. Set the mood

First things first, i suggest your phone goes on airplane mood. I know you’re thinking about all the pictures and videos you’ll like to post. What I try to do is take them and post later. Still on the topic of mood setting, the next step is to change into something comfortable, even better if you have a robe. Put on some good music (I usually play Sade or Osibisa), light some candles and get a glass of wine/juice/water/tea.

Cost Ghc 10-30

2. Scrubs and Facials

A full body scrub and facial is calming and it leaves your skin silky smooth. If you already have products that’ll do the job then that’s great! If not, you can make your own simple scrub with some brown sugar and coconut oil or buy. I’ve seen Skin Gourmet (Baobab Scrub) and Naya Naturals (Sea Salt scrub).

Cost Ghc 20-40

3. Wash

After you’ve left on the scrub for a few minutes and you’re sure your skin has absorbed all that goodness, you give yourself a good wash (if you have a bath and draw yourself a warm one, I say why not!). Don’t forget to take the music with you, relax and enjoy your bath time.

Cost Ghc 10-35

3. Massage

Get yourself a body butter that’ll either target blemishes and/or give your skin a good shine. Shea butter does it well! I sometimes mix it with coconut oil to give my skin an extra glow!

Cost Ghc 15-30

Final cost is between Ghc 55-135 (the price range is based on products I’ve seen or used)