Mind your business


Thursday 16th May,2019

Hey Sunny!

I am listening to the birds chirp outside my window while I write to you this morning. And although they’re beautiful songs are mostly overshadowed by the noise of the awakening city, I’m incredibly grateful for all of it.

For the first in a few weeks, I’ve been able to wake up at my “ideal” time.

Has it ever bothered you whenever your body clock is off? Have you ever wondered what it means?

Anyways, I think I know how I’ve been able to synchronize it. And although that wasn’t what was intended I get to enjoy this little victory as a bonus. Cool af!

What was the intended purpose then?


Did you know?

The month of May is recognized internationally as Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental well-being is something we take for granted in our daily or weekly schedule which is vitally linked to both our physical and psychological.

As a way to consciously pay attention to my mind, I’ve committed to doing some activities within the cause of this month.