How to stay inspired : 10 websites that will drive you to take ACTION!

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Don’t be mad, i know i have been MIA but no worries because…i am back like the electric bill!! (can you tell i was a Lil Wayne stan in my high school days?). I was initially writing this really cute post about how art connects bla bla bla, then life was like hollup hollup, let me give you a better reason to write.

Anyways, the reason for my absence has been mainly due to the lack of inspiration aka MOJO. Yep, your girl’s behind has been at the receiving end of life’s foot for the past few weeks. Good news tho, i have been slowly getting my groove back and it feels super! It first began with a short break from social media for a few days to seek the face of the creative gods (i actually thought i could do a WHOLE month lol jokes).


“How did you get back on the creative wagon?”

Well, for the last few years, i have collected different media which have been my source of inspiration for times like these. Remember the podcasts i told you about earlier? Yep!

Don’t expect perfection; aim for progress

This post contains a list of newsletters/websites/Channels I’ve found both informative and inspirational in 3 major areas ; personal, professional and mental health. Wondering how the heck your creative juices will magically start flowing by scheming through lame websites? First, they are not lame. Second, words you ingest shape your thinking and your thoughts determine your actions. Get the drift? Good, now back to the list.

Some of these apply to more than one so i will not categorize, enjoy!

  1. Shopify Digest (Newsletter) – I doubt you need any intro to this.
  2. Taylor from Later (Newsletter) – Later’s newsletter has a lot useful tips and info on how to step up your IG game or knowledge on new features.
  3. Talkspace (Newsletter) – I have mentioned the Talkspace app a few blog posts before, but what i did not point out is how their newsletter (which is free btw) provides mental health tips. Try it out!
  4. For creative girls (Website) – I guess the name suggests who these are targeting.
  5. Opportunity for Africans (Website) – Looking for professional opportunities and scholarships? This website has been one of my weekly reads for some years now, very resourceful.
  6. Neville Medhora (Newsletter & Youtube channel) – If you are an aspiring copywriter, definitely check him out. I discovered the Boron Letters from this page.
  7. Tim Ferris (Newsletter & Website) – Tim blogs about his experimental lifestyle, sharing weekly quotes/songs/movies/series etc he has discovered.
  8. Psych2go (Youtube channel) – This channel makes short animated videos to tackle different psychological issues or just for general mental health awareness.
  9. Mindvalley (Youtube channel) – Sometimes you gotta just take a break from all the Youtube family vlogs (which i find extremely relaxing btw) and develop your brain muscle.
  10. . Sun Discoveries 🙂

Keep sane, Stay inspired and Create.



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