How To Make short videos for your IGTV channel and Instagram stories : 5 apps for simple & quick editing


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I’m excited to talk about today’s topic so why don’t we jump right into it! As most of you have probably heard or seen already, Instagram has released a new feature called the IGTV which to me is like a baby of Instagram Stories and YouTube. This is a big deal for people like me who want to create fun and quick videos too long for IG stories but seems short for Youtube.

Kudos to Instagram for forcing me to regularly use my collection of video editing apps collecting dust on my homepage. Since the launch of these platforms, I’ve made it a personal goal to try my hands on some of these apps. So if you’re looking to step up your IG story game or launch your IGTV channel, here’s a little review of 5 video editing apps i think is worth trying out.

P.s they’re not in any particular order of preference

P.p.s most of them are ios supported apps

  1. Inshot – The interface for this app opens with three choices for editing video, images and collages. After you select the one you want to use, the rest is pretty much easy. As a video editor (remember? main reason why we’re here), add videos or pictures you want in the video by pressing a ply button at the bottom left. After that you can edit each video/image on its own to give the desired final look, feel and sound. Absolutely loved that it allows you to adjust the frame of the video to fit the vertical format of IGTV and stories, 9:16 even if you shot it horizontally or not. Didn’t work to great the themes and backgrounds I’ve found are limiting.
  2. Quik – As the name suggests, this app can helps you make short and easy videos. You just dive right into it by pressing the add button at the bottom centre and add photos/videos. Absolutely loved that templates are available for you to choose (with music and transitions) based on what your style of the video is or you can edit the video manually. Didn’t work too great the manual editing doesn’t have a lot of tools for adjusting the quality of the video/photo
  3. Cute Cut – I’m tempted to make a cute or cutting joke but I’m too cool for that so we’re moving on. Again, plus button at the top left corner to add images or videos. The next stage is to adjust the settings to suit what you want. Absolute loved that you can change the orientation of the video to portrait if it’s already not(again because of the nature of IGTV and the stories). You can also select the color of the background as well as selecting just the audio from a selected media. Didn’t work too great compared to the rest on the list, it was rather difficult to use and understand the interface
  4. Unfold – This tool has easily become my go to video and photo editing tool especially for IG stories. Absolutely love that there is a list of templates with video and photo placement choices. Didn’t work too great that it can’t be used for longer videos (limit is 15secs)
  5. FilmoraGo – Editing with this gives you a better option of manually playing around with the media. Absolutely love that you can to preview and edit video before adding it to the main pool. Didn’t work too great the templates are too limited in style
  6. iMovie – Being the default editor for iPhones, iMovie is not as boring as you’d think. On the contrary, it is one of the easiest mobile editing apps based on how understanding it is. From the get go you will be able to make your own videos without much explanation. Absolutely love that you can record an audio which can be added to the video directly. Didn’t work too great the editing options are very limited in my opinion considering it doesn’t have templates.

Note : Its perfectly ok to use more than one of these apps to get a required effect but first you need to be familiar with their different features. To checkout the travel videos I made from my trip to Northern Ghana a few months ago, visit my IGTV channel.

Have you tried any of these apps? If yes which ones and if no share some your favorites in the comment box below.



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