Solocation : How I did it!

Is 2018 the year you hope to travel more? Are you ready to explore but don’t know how? Then climb aboard this solocation train and lets explore together!

2/3 years ago, a group of friends and I went to a village called Gbulinyore (apologies for the name butchering) near Tamale, Northern Region for a week doing volunteer work. Since then, I’ve always wanted to go back with the intent to explore and learn more about my other culture (my mother is from Damongo). So this year, I packed my bags and damn well did it! I’d say this has been one of the biggest learning experiences for me and I’ll love for you to get that feeling too with these 3 steps!

1. Plan

First things first! You have to figure out was why you are going, how long you plan on staying and what you expect from the trip. Something like a mission and vision, I know it sounds ridiculous and funny. This step is very important because it guides the activities you’ll be engaging in and basically sets a trend for your travel experiences. (The budget presented may not be the same for you, because this is tailored to the items that applied to me)

2. Set

For this, you need a laptop, some good internet and a cup of tea/glass of wine because it’s now time for some research into activities and places to visit. You have to research and list the places you’d like to visit then based on the distances apart or from where you’ll be staying, you schedule them for the days. If you’re lucky to know someone who’s been to where you’re planning to go, then you need to verify this step by them, it’s a huge help. Let me warn you before hand, this was the least fun part for me at least! It took me aprox 10-20 HRs to get this done. That might also be because I like cross checking a billion times before I’m sure but hey, assurance is good and helps me sleep at night. The next thing you have to do is draw up a budget based on your list of activities, transportation (in, around and out), accommodation, food , might be simplifying it but it requires details.

3. Travel!

Now hold on, hold on! I know you’re excited to just go but one thing I’ve learnt is choosing and packing clothes that are appropriate for where you’re going and the activities you’d want to engage in. Read about the temperature and the general culture of the place when it comes to clothes. Make sure you list every item you’ll need and crosscheck them when packing. And don’t leave the packing till the next morning, I’d suggest a day or two before you’re set to leave. Finally, prepare thyself for the road ahead lol, get some snacks etc, be wise!

Challenges turned Lessons

1. Self -reliance: Nobody else wants it as bad as you do so don’t rely on someone else to make it happen. Planned to go with a cousin and got disappointed last minute but I’m grateful for that because I wouldn’t have been open to strangers make the connections I did (language barriers couldn’t stop me!)

2. Determination : You want it, go get it! The morning of the trip, I got to the bus station only to realize that wasn’t the right one. By that time bus had already left, went back home and got the later ticket which I almost didn’t go for (that meant traveling throughout the night which ended up not being so bad after all!)

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