5 simple steps to starting your day in high spirits : Morning routines

I love waking up to birds chirping and watching the sunrise while holding my mug of green and lemon tea in one hand. Mornings are probably my favorite part of the day. But, even for someone who loves it, some mornings suck just by their sheer nature. And we know, these are the first few hours of the day which means they set the tone for how your whole day will be like.

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For about a year now, i have structured a routine for the first hour of my day which helps me set a good mood for the day no matter how messy the morning seems. I can testify that this routine has been able to get me going here while running my startup and other personal initiatives (yep! The blog is six months old baby! Thanks to everyone who has stuck it with me since then and to my new followers as well). So, as we celebrate this major milestone, here is a 5 step morning routine guaranteed to get your day going no matter the situation. First things first though, you must be committed to it, that is the only way you will feel its impact.

1. No phone rule – Most of us have become so attached to our mobile electronic friends so much so that, they’re the first things we grab before we can even fully open our eyes. I will suggest that at least for the first hour of the day (you can also add the last hour before you sleep if you can), you stay away from them. It will be difficult to implement at first but over the last few months, i have realized that putting my phone on airplane mode before i sleep helps immensely.

2. Read, read, read – The second step is as important as the first, read! Feed your mind with motivating and encouraging words that will see you through the day and do not forget to take notes, bookmark or screenshot your favorite quotes/lines. If you want ideas on some books to consider reading click here. I personally do this while sipping on some warm lemon water or green tea for detox.

3. Meditation– Right after reading time is prayer and meditation. I use this time to  ponder on the words i have read on or the lessons i have picked up during my reading. I internalize them and think of ways i can implement them in my life. Just sit still, close your eyes and think about some of words you jotted down or you resonate with.

4. Plan 4 the day – Next, i whip out my brown planner and write a to-do for the day (sometimes i do it the night before). This helps with productivity and self accountability for the day. If you already have a weekly/monthly plan, make sure it your daily plan align with those.

5. Exercise – Finally, workout! We all know the power of physical exercise on the mind and the body, this does not limit you to weight lifting or to the gym. I personally feel lazy going to the gym and i never seem to stick to it so i have opted for my own home yoga routine curated with help from Pinterest.

P.S Set your alarm to accommodate for your scheduled morning time.

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