My natural haircare routine : Tips and recipes

For someone who leaves out her natural hair 80% of the time, I totally get that it’s very easy to get bored and nonchalant with your hair. And with a 4c hair like mine, I guarantee you sometimes it can get physical but after deciding to put in work to get the hair I wanted at the least cost to me, it got fun. Here are tips and natural recipes in my haircare routine.

5 haircare Tips

  1. Cover your hair (preferably a silk scarf) before going to bed
  2. Keep your hair in twists (flat, two, three.. your choice) when you’re not going anywhere
  3. Detox your scalp every other month. I’m currently using bentonite hair and scalp mask from SheaByShennel
  4. Wash hair at least once a month. You can either go to the salon for a professional scrub and pampering or you could have a wash day fun day! (Watch my IG story “Hair” for my wash day routine). P.s it’s also important to get a trim and/or treatment if need be.
  5. Deep condition your hair at least once a month. If you’d like to try natural recipes keep reading.

Diy recipes

  • Honey mask
  • Coconut oil, Honey and Avocado/ Banana mask
  • Coconut oil, Honey and Aloe Vera



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