My list of 5 books on self development to read in 2018: 1st Edition

Are you a regular reader? Do you believe in the power of books? How many books have you read this year? Which book changed your life?

Books have played a big role in my life since I was a child, reading has always been second nature. I recently “grew out of” the romance novels and got into books for self development and entrepreneurship and I must say they now serve as my tribe of invisible mentors. E-books have made it easier for me to read anywhere and at anytime, no matter where I am, as long as my battery stays charged. This year, I’ve managed to read at least a book per month (as planned) and I’m really proud of myself for that. What are your reading goals for the year? Here are the list of books I’ve read so far in 2018 and I highly recommend them if you’re trying to pick up on your reading or just want to grow your library.

1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (reread) – The first time I read this book, I promised myself I’ll read it at the beginning of every year.

2. The Element by Ken Robinson

3. Influence by Robert B. Cialdini

4. Self- Confidence by Paul McGee

5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. This book was very easy to read, had a lit character too.

I’m currently reading Standing for Something by Gordon B. Hinckley. #WorldsBookDay means kicking up our feet after a hot tiring day, get a chilled juice or wine and read a good book. I can’t think of anything that’ll be better after a hot tiring day.



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5 thoughts on “My list of 5 books on self development to read in 2018: 1st Edition”

  1. The Alchemist! ❤️ I’ve read it about three times and I’ll be on the 4th soon lol. I just go back to it whenever I feel like I’m giving up on my dream. Just finished Stay with me and currently I’m on I’m judging you by Luvvie Ajayi. Also very easy to read and straight to the point.

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  2. Books are everything to me.From Enid Blyton to the Nancy Drew series is it wasn’t books it must’ve been Lego lol.
    This year I think I’ve read more books than I planned to and that’s really cool. I started the Alchemist, but I’m not a great fan of e-books so it’s been mighty difficult.
    My latest book was “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah and it was everything to me.
    Ps: I love your blog! And I blog too. Don’t hesitate to check out my space😏

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    1. Hello! It’s amazing that you’ve read so much already, and we’re just wrapping up April! It also took me awhile to get used to e-books (been on it for close to 4 years now). But Alchemist is such a great book, don’t let the medium stop you and “Born a Crime” is on my to-read list this year. Thanks for your support and I’ll definitely check out your blog as well! Have a great day 🌞

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