Intentions : 2019 edition


Happy new year Sunny!

Can you believe we’re in 2019 already? I know I can’t! It seems like yesterday when I was born and now I’m 25 going on 26?! What?! Ive been reminded of this quote recently

The days are long but the years are short

Well, as for me, it’s been a mixed bag of emotions.

The beginning of a new year always comes with some type of feeling I can’t really explain. It’s like a mixture of excitement, anxiety, fear of the unknown, endless possibilities and opportunities. Regardless, I’m looking forward to having a GREAT year.

🎵 I feel it coming, I feel it coming babe 🎵

Majority of January had me occupied with meetings, planning, setting goals and intentions for myself for the year and it’s helped me stay focused. I’m grateful to have had these exercises and also guidance (worksheets) from Natalie Glebova’s new book I AM WINNING.

P.s If you’re looking to empower yourself and develop all round, i highly suggest you get yourself a copy. Thank me later

It’s important to plan and spend time visualizing how you want your year to unfold.

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail


In 2019 we’re maximizing, leaving no stone unturned and we’re taking all that is ours and taking some more (yep! That’s a line from A$ap Rocky’s praise the lord. New year, same ol love for Lord Flacko 😎).

Praise the Lord – A$ap Rocky ft Skepta


I came I saw 2x

I praise the lord, and break the law

I take what’s mine and take some more

It rains it pours 2x


P.P.s I always find it spiritual singing this song, especially the chorus


Now back to the matter. Last year, if you’d remember very well (or this blog post can jog your memory), I started a themed year journey. This was to help me identify which areas of my life I wanted to work on and use one word to describe it. Now, I’m back with another one for 2019 and it is the year of SELF-DISCIPLINE.

I’ve listened to and read a few more hacks and learnings from 2018 I’ll be applying to this year’s theme to make it more effective.


1. Setting a monthly theme (which is a sub theme) and using images that represent that as my wallpaper for the month.

Psss….Currently I have a picture of ducks in a row as my wallpaper, very self explanatory 🦆 🦆 🦆

2. All the items on my 19 for 2019 list (which will come in a subsequent blog) will be centered towards building self discipline in small ways.

Photo by Assumpta Dickens

I’ve personally seen and experienced the difference between winging the year and making conscious efforts to make it how you want it to be. In 2019, I’d like to be disciplined in 3 areas, my personal, professional and spiritual life which also includes being consistent with my blogging. I’d entreat you to come up with a theme for yourself and 19 things that you want to achieve in 2019.